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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tool # 7

One project that I was thinking about for next year was to have students monitor storms such as hurricanes. This would obviously depend on the weather but I found it really incredible the size of the tornadoes in Oklahoma recently. I think it would be really eye opening for the students to record the diameter and then discuss how large that would be in real life. How big is 2 miles? What is the total area covered by the tornado? This could be a good introduction to the activity, whereas a hurricane can be a more ongoing project.

Then when I was looking at these ways to collaborate across the nation/world I thought it would be interesting to take this idea and share possibly even across the world. Wherever the hurricane is headed you could team up with a classroom over there to discuss the storm. This could incorporate many different aspects of math such as conversions, measurement, estimation, area/perimeter, probability etc.

  1. Students will practice measurement, conversion, area, circumference, and probability by analyzing storm systems across the world.
  2. This could be an ongoing project that would have to be planned sporadically based on weather.
  3. I think that Edmodo would be a simple way to communicate with other classrooms. But I think the students would most enjoy actually being able to skype with another classroom and have real time discussions. The students could create projects and then share them through skype or another video program.
  4. When a hurricane hits students will analyze the storm using data online such as the diameter of the hurricane, the wind speeds, how fast it's moving, what direction etc. The students will then be asked to determine an approximate area of the storm, circumference, and convert that measurement from miles to yards or feet/inches. Students can be asked to compare the size of the hurricane to the size of Texas or other states. This can be continual process so students can track if the storm is getting bigger, smaller, moving faster etc.
  5. This project could be done on it's own but I think the idea of collaborating with another classroom especially one maybe closer to the storm (Which in Texas we could often times be the one that's close to the storm!)

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