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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tool #11

My favorite tools are Edmodo, Skype, Mangahigh, and Animoto. I plan on using Edmodo next year to create a sort of flipped classroom. I will create short videos covering each concept with examples and notes so that students can use that as there homework sometimes. Each folder will be a hub for each concept where I can post the videos, examples, notes, games, songs etc. This way when I have students that are still struggling on a specific concept there is already a set of resources the students can use to help them. I also plan to use Animoto to have students create videos as projects to show me that they mastered a concept rather than always using paper based quizzes/assignments.

I am realizing more and more how much society is changing and how the students are growing up in this digital world. There are so many great resources available in education that can help our students to grow as learners. My vision for my classroom is to become a place where students are the priority. The classroom will be less lecture based and more based on hands on activities, especially ones involving technology.

I thought that I knew a lot about technology use in the classroom especially after just recently graduating from college but there was a lot more to it than I thought! I am amazed everyday by the resources I find available on the internet. I am so excited to try some of these things next year and I know that my students will greatly benefit from the things I have learned.

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