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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tool #10

1)I want to make sure that my students understand that they way they act in real life should be the same way they act online. Many times people feel this sense of anonymity online and they believe they can say and do whatever they want. Students need to realize that this is not always the case and they need to make sure they are careful with what they put out there. I would want to make sure that students understand how things they put out there on the internet could be there forever. Although they might think they have deleted something it might still be lingering around somewhere on the internet. I would also want to make sure that students knew what to be careful of when they are online. They need to be careful not to give away any private information to strangers online. They also need to be wary of chatting with strangers especially at a young age.

2) I think that the isafe website has amazing resources that I could use in my classroom to help lead the discussion about using the internet in the correct way. It has so many specific links that go with each grade level and has videos and lessons all in one place. This is such a great resource!

3) I would explain digital citizenship to my students by having a quick classroom discussion about using the internet before we start using it. Also if necessary I could use the powerpoint presentation created about digital citizenship that we used for activity class. I could use this as a refresher and reminder to students about what digital citizenship means.

4)I would explain digital citizenship to my parents by incorporating it into my open house and also to my class website. I would make sure parents are aware of the fact that we will be using the internet to facilitate learning in the classroom.

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