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Monday, March 11, 2013

Tool #9

It is important to tie technology to the objective because otherwise the technology is just being used for sake of using technology. It needs to be used for a clear purpose to help students meet some sort of objective. I do not believe that the technology has to be used to meet the objective for that day but it has to meet some sort of objective for the students (Such as mastering an objective that they still need to work on)

Students should be held accountable for their station work because we need to make sure that students realize that everything they do has a purpose. We are not sending them off to play games on the computer just because it's fun. It's because it can be a fun engaging way to learn the material. So there has to be a way to hold students accountable for their work.

I like using TenMarks and MangaHigh in my classroom. Both of these websites are aligned with Math TEKS  and they allow me to assign students work to do. So I can hold students accountable by checking on the website to see if they completed the assignments I posted for them. I can also hold them accountable during class by making it mandatory (as it always is in math) that they show their work for these stations on paper. I would use these as places for students to practice the concept we are currently work on sometimes. Most of the time it would be used as a station for students to spiral back on concepts they need to review from previous units.

One app that I found for the Ipad is a fraction estimation game. The students use estimation to add or subtract fractions. I also like the idea of using something called showme videos. These are videos I could make and then have the students watch if they dont understand a concept. It could even be used as a way to first introduce a topic if it is simple enough. I also think that this could be a great tool for students to use to explain their thinking on how to solve a problem. I see this station working if I have very small stations running one day with only 4 in each group, then 2 students could share an IPad and make a video explaining their reasoning on how they solved a problem. I could also get the IPad cart one day and make it to where each student in the station has their own IPad.

I could also see the students using the IPad as a video device by recording eachother doing skits or making up math songs. The students could take the IPad and use it as a camera to take pictures of things related to math such as the different types of angles or triangles.

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