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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tool #2

After reading the directions in Tool #2, I started reading blogs and spent hours learning from my fellow teachers. I found tons of cute organizational tips, and fun activities to implement into the classroom. I now have a few blogs that I plan on following throughout the school year to give me more tips and ideas as I go through my first year teaching.

I tend to be shy when communicating with people that I do not know, and even when communicating online I am usually quiet and just read posts instead of commenting. So it was different for me to make comments on blogs, but I became more comfortable once I started commenting and I enjoyed being able to contribute to this online community of teachers. It does feel different than sharing my thoughts with my teammates because it is so out in the open.

Once I feel more comfortable with my teaching and have more time, I would love to be able to have my own blog to share my ideas that I have developed as a new teacher. There might be one new teacher, or even a more experienced teacher that could take my ideas and make it work in their classrooms too.

I really enjoyed this blog for ideas on organizing my classroom in cute ways.

This is a blog that gave me the idea to introduce the RISK game in my class. The kids really do enjoy this much more than JUST doing a worksheet. I am going to try using this when I go to training and see how the kids do using this with a sub. I'm sure the kids will be a bit more motivated to work than when I usually assign bookwork!

 I also really like the idea of the kids making the clocks for order of operations. I have the math equations clock and the kids love it. So allowing them to create their own clock sounds like a fun and enagaging learning experience. I may not have time for that this year but I am excited to try it out next year!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tool #1

This is actually the first blog that I have created... well unless you count the old school livejournal that I made in High School talking about all my boy troubles! I do read quite a few blogs so I know that it can be a great resource. I am really excited to begin my teaching career in a district that is so highly focused on technology. It is great to be able to explore the ways that I could use technology in the classroom with my students. 

I actually found this experience to be surprisingly quite frustrating at times! When I went to create my Voki avatar I did not realize that I was creating one that was strictly for the voki-classroom edition. It was my fault for not reading what it said more closely. Then it took me a while to figure out how to find all the different characters you could pick. Once I found one that I liked it was much easier and I was able to find one with red glasses!

Then when I watched the video on how to put the avatar in as a gadget I also got turned around a bit. It was frustrating not being able to rewind the video. I kept having to exit and reopen the video to re-watch it. I found that when I followed the directions and clicked "Design" on the upper right hand corner, it took me to a totally different page than it did on the video. So it took me a lot longer than it should have to be able to get my avatar. 

Overall it was a good learning experience and creating my avatar and my official blog was pretty fun!